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Navigating Bicycle Accident Claims In Oregon Lawyer, Keizer, OregonIn this article, you can discover the following information about bicycle accident claims in Oregon:

  • The common types of injuries sustained by riders in vehicle-involved bicycle accidents in Oregon
  • The impact that not wearing a helmet can have on a bicycle accident claim settlement.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents Across Oregon?

Bicycle accidents are a common concern in Oregon, and several factors can contribute to these accidents, including:

1- Driver Inattentiveness

The most common cause of bicycle accidents in Oregon is driver inattentiveness, where drivers need to pay attention and see cyclists on the road.

2- Cyclist’s Riding Habits

Many bicycle accidents are caused when cyclists ride in the wrong lane or against the flow of traffic. This is why it’s essential for cyclists to follow traffic laws and be visible on the roads, to minimize the risk of accidents and to ensure their safety.

3- Road Conditions

Weather conditions, the size of bike lanes, and other road design factors often play a role in bicycle accidents.

When evaluating your claim, all these factors and more will be taken into consideration.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Bicycle Injuries Resulting From Vehicle-Involved Accidents In Oregon?

In Oregon, the most common types of injuries sustained by cyclists in vehicle-involved accidents varies widely and tend to include:

  • Fractures,
  • Brain Injuries,
  • Torn ligaments and muscles,
  • Abrasions,
  • Cuts,
  • And more…

These injuries are often more severe than those sustained in motor vehicle accidents due to the lack of protection provided by the bicycle.

Does Not Wearing A Helmet In A Bicycle Accident Impact Your Personal Injury Settlement?

Wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle is a legal requirement in Oregon. Failing to do so can impact any potential settlement in a bike accident case if the rider was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident and suffered head injuries.

As a result, the lack of head protection can be considered a factor in the case; however, in some instances, such as breaking a collarbone, whether or not the rider was wearing a helmet may not be a significant factor.

In all cases, insurance companies and defense attorneys may look for any reason to attribute fault to the plaintiff, and therefore, it is advisable to seek legal counsel to understand your options.

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