Personal Injury Attorney - Keizer Oregon


Lori, Salem Oregon

I was quite impressed with how I was helped here. I initially came in feeling very uncertain and insecure about the future regarding my MVA claim and I really appreciated Neal's straightforward approach to me and my situation. He observed a lot of things that most others would miss, was able to break things down simply for me, and make me feel more at ease. I wasn't trapped without choices like I was worried about. I felt heard and understood in my situation, but most importantly, safe. I'd had previous experience with an unethical law firm that made me feel misunderstood and pushed me too far. I went with my gut and I went with him instead, and I'm grateful. Even under tough circumstances, I came out the best I could possibly have come out, thanks to Mr. Peton. He's a cut above the rest!

Alicia, Bend Oregon

Neal is a fantastic attorney!  He listens advises, and is never pushy.  I appreciate that he explained everything and gave me all sides of the issue with every option, and then encourages me to make my own well educated choice.  He is calm under pressure, articulate and knowledgeable. I was very impressed by the way he handled himself in  my proceeding with other attorney and judge.    There was one time if I had been him, I would have lost my patience, but I looked over and Neal was just listening and processing, devising a his plan.  You cannot go wrong retaining Neal Peton as your attorney!  He will do the job well and thoroughly, all while being a tremendous support during trying times! 

Jessika, Salem Oregon

 I went to Neal Peton for advice on a personal injury I sustained several years ago.  Neal immediately said he would represent me.  He was very helpful in explaining the process of a lawsuit, which i had never been through, he was very knowledgeable and in his work, and he kept me informed on everything that was going on.  If i had a question about anything he answered me.  He always returned my phone calls and worked very hard to help me through this whole ordeal.  I would highly recommend Neal to anyone who needs legal advice or services.  

Bob, Salem Oregon

 I was very pleased with Neal’s attention to my case. It had a lot going on and he always did his best to communicate effectively and in a timely and professional manner. He has a friendly demeanor and you always feel like he's looking out for you and your best interest.  

Elisa, Salem Oregon

 Great staff.  I was referred to Neal for my car accident and he made my life so much easier.  I didn't have to stress over taking to the insurance company deadlines or paperwork.  Definitely worth it and recommended!